Don’t be enraged get engaged

If you ask many people all over the world how they feel about their government at this time, if they don’t fear for their safety many will tell you they are pissed off. Or some form of the term. Very few are pleased, and even fewer feel that they are being heard or fairly represented. Now to some extent this is a disconnect with the government entities and corporate citizenry of their locale however that is not the whole story.


Where it is easy to place blame on others many of the crazy stuff goes on in the world goes on because everyday people like you and me let it happen. I know, I hear you inquiring to your computer screen, “What can I do? I am not in charge!” Ah but in many ways you ARE in fact in charge. You may not be the CEO of a corporation, however you buy products and you influence your friends and neighbors when you tell them your experience with a product or company. You may not be President however when you register to vote and have those who have similar interests to your own register to vote and you in fact go vote, there is power in that. However voting is only a small piece of what you can do to have an impact on your destiny and the destiny of your community.


These are the secrets I have learned over the past two years and am still learning today. You do have power when you learn how to use it. Stay tuned as we go through this journey of empowerment together. I love questions, I love comments, I love feedback. So let me know your experiences as we go through this together. Don’t be enraged, get engaged!!!

Til next time,



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